West Bengal Accelarated Development of Minor Irrigation Project

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West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation Project (WBADMIP)- A World Bank Supported Project

About the Project - The Legal documents of the project have been signed between Government of India, Government of West Bengal & World Bank and implemented by Water Resources Investigation and Development Department of West Bengal from Jan’2012 to Dec’2017.
The Project aims to bring sustainable development and management of surface and ground water resources to increase agricultural productivity and rural employment generation by developing different Minor Irrigation structure with command area of 5 hectares and above. The project also aims to enhance agriculture based income of small and marginal farmers through sustainable use of irrigation resources. The project will be implemented in single Cropping area of 18 districts, West Bengal with the priority to tribal and backward villages.
Initiatives- The project development objective is to enhance agricultural production of small and marginal farmers in the project area. This would be achieved through
 • Strengthening community-based institutions i.e. Water User Association WUA on irrigation management, operation and maintenance
• Construction and development of minor irrigation schemes (surface & ground water)
• Support to agricultural development, including provision of agricultural services, encouraging crop diversification and use of new technologies ,and creating income generating opportunities. Total 4660 number of MI structures has been estimated to be taken up for creation of additional 1.39 Lac ha of cultivable Command Area (CCA) with an estimated cost of Rs.1380.00 crores.

Salient Points

Duration: October 2011 to December 2017
Objective: To enhance agricultural production of small and marginal farmers
Loan Credit: 1380 Crore
No. of MI schemes: 4660
Proposed irrigated area: 1.39 Lakh Ha
Proposed beneficiaries: 1.66 Lakh households
Project components: • Strengthening Community–based Institution
• Irrigation System Development
• Agricultural Support Services
• Project Management
Coverage: 18 Districts
Priority: Rain fed/Single Cropped area, Small & Marginal Farmers with special emphasis to Tribal & backward community

Scheme selection Criteria

 The project will be implemented in 18 districts of West Bengal with the focus in following points for selection of the schemes
 • Villages having primarily Rain-fed area (single crop area)
 • Backward villages • Small & Marginal farmers and Women as beneficiaries
 • At least 15% expenditure on Tribal villages with at least 60% tribal beneficiaries
 • Preferably in the cluster of 5-6 villages having scope of 3-4 schemes per village.